The 4 Survival Guide After a Gastric Bypass Surgery in Australia

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular procedures in Australia, as far as losing weight is concerned. But before one decides to undergo this surgery, there are so many methods that are being considered. One of them is the recovery period.

In terms of recovery, there is no definite timeline because each patient recovers at a different rate. It also depends on different factors like the type of surgery, the patient’s health condition before the surgery, as well as the complications that could arise after depending on the experience and expertise of the surgeon. But a good estimate of the recovery period will be 3-4 months.

The Journey

The patient’s journey, from operation to recovery requires the patient to strictly follow a set of steps that will determine progression throughout the recovery cycle. A great barometer of such a process is the diet that the patient has to follow at different times during the recovery period.

Phase 1

This often takes about 3-7 days after the specific type of gastric bypass surgery in Australia has been performed. In this period, the patient is not allowed to eat any food, even liquids. This means that all nutritional requirements will be met intravenously.

In most cases, the recovery can be as fast as 2-3 days. This is enough time for the surgery wounds to heal that will allow for liquid food intake. But the patient is only limited to drinking liquids such as unsweetened fruit juices at regular intervals to meet the patient’s dietary requirements.

Phase 2

This is the part of the recovery period when the patient is allowed to consume semi-liquid foods, which is around 1-3 weeks after the procedure. The food that the patient can consume are those that have been pureed to almost like a baby’s food. Some examples are mashed fruits and vegetables. Small meal portions are recommended and eating should be done every 2 hours to make sure that the patient will get enough amount of nutrition in a day.

Phase 3

This phase allows the patient to consume semi-solid foods or those that are soft like crackers, bread, and casseroles. Fish meat and lean meat are also allowed in this phase. The period spans about 1-3 months in the recovery cycle, depending on the specific responses of the patient to the consistency of food.

Phase 4

This is considered to be the end of the recovery period. In this phase, the patient can resume his or her normal eating but at frequent intervals and of course, smaller portions. Some example, of food to the consumer includes chicken, lean meat, and fish. There should be a great emphasis on smaller portions because the reduced volume of the digestive tract can only handle small amounts of food.

So many people have benefited from gastric bypass surgery Australia. It has helped so many people not only to reduce their weight but to regain their self-confidence by looking their best.

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