Led Bulbs To Replace Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs technology has replaced the traditional forms of light emitting sources. Halogen Bulbs make use of Halogen as the source of light which offer high energy efficiency and long service life. It is the advanced form of lighting which offers unparalleled light emission which has totally replaced the unconventional, incandescent and fluorescent light sources.

Release Less Heat
Halogens use more energy to convert it into light energy, then also only 10% of the energy is converted and the rest is emitted as heat; whereas, LED Spotlights emit very less heat as compared to the Halogens.

Low Maintenance Cost
Halogens emit a lot of heat which leads to short service life and thus demands Halogen Replacement Bulbs as compared to LED Spotlight Bulbs. Halogen bulbs offer a long service life of approx. 30,000-50,000 hours with very less or no maintenance cost, whereas, Halogens offer only 1,000 hours as its service life.

Environment Friendly
Since LED Spotlights consume very less energy, which in turn make them more environment friendly than the halogens. GU10 Halogen bulb is the perfect Halogen Replacement Bulbs as it is more illuminating than the halogens.

These lights offer an advantage of being dimmable as when required which helps in more light output control and hence increasing the efficiency.

Reduced Electricity Bills
Having great efficiency, these lights minimize the electricity consumption, which in turn reduces the electricity bill. Halogens emit a high amount of heat, which leads to high temperature and risk of fire & damage due to overheating. LED lights are safe and do not pose any such threats

These are some of the reasons, which make the difference between the traditional halogens and LED lights very clear, thus facilitating the choice of the consumers. If you wish to save 90% of the energy, then Shop is there to help you with a wide range of LED products. The company offers you the best quality LED Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Spots, LED Flexible Strips and many more categories of these products. All the products are high quality and comply with the industrial standards. The prices of the products are very reasonable.

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