Large 3D Printer: Basic Tools for Maintenance

Large 3D Printer

Today, the has been greatly changed with the presence of 3D printers. In fact, a lot of companies and industries make use of a large 3D printer to guarantee the best results of their projects. But as much as we enjoy from benefit from the technology, there are some things we tend to overlook. One of them is the importance of maintenance to make sure that the printer is always at its best condition.

Unlike with other machines, 3D printers need maintenance after specific hours of operation, in which they need to be cleaned and lubricated. Here are some of the most common and basic tools necessary for proper maintenance of a 3D printer.


The lubricant for a large 3D printer is heat-resistant. This means that even it is used in printers that have a hotbed, the lubricant will not become liquid and will not drip on the printing base. The use of a lubricant for 3D printers is highly recommended to wear and lessen friction in its bearings and rods.


A lot of 3D printer users, just to save time or for their own convenience, make use of fixing sprays without removing the base of the printer. This leaves remains of the fixator and giving rise to areas that adhere to dust. This affects the operation of the important elements of the printer. Given this, using a cleaner is very important. With the help of this aqueous solution, the 3D printer could be cleaned easily without any damage.

Filament Cleaner

This tool is very important since the majority of plastic filaments are usually statistically charged and attract different kinds of waste from the working are towards the filament. The use of a filament cleaner will help remove various types of dirt before the filament gets into the extruder. This increases the duration of the same and the printer’s nozzle and avoids jams that are caused by dirt accumulation.


A caliper is a useful tool that is utilized to check the diameters and significant distances between the components. The use of this tool is highly recommended in verifying the diameter of the components, filaments, state of the nozzle, and to make sure the same separation between the connected elements.

Allen Wrenches

Allen keys are an equally important tool for 3D printer users as the majority of them contain a lot of hexagonal Allen type screws. A big thanks to the tool, users could perform different maintenance operations on the printer, from the replacement of the heating cartridge or the thermistor cartridge to the disassembly of the printer.

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Adjustable Spanner

This is among the tools that should never be missing in the workplace. An adjustable spanner can be used for different types of screws with an external hexagonal head or a parallelepiped shape. When it comes to three-dimensional printing, it is used to hold the heater block of the extruder or when changing the nozzle. This helps to avoid large deviations of the heater block and the nozzle, thus providing a process of leveling the base a lot faster and easier.

These are just a few tools used to maintain a 3D printer. Having them will help ensure that your printer will always be in its good condition.

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