Halogen Replacement Bulbs

Halogen Replacement Bulb

Halogen replacement bulbs are an incandescent bulb that has a small amount of halogen material like iodine or bromine added to the filament which when heated gives us the glow of the light bulb.Halogen light bulbs can be replaced by other light bulbs like led, CFL, HID and incandescent light bulbs depending on where the light bulb is going to be put to use. Halogen lights have been used in homes, industries, commercial places and vehicles for many years. But they are slowly replaced by other light bulbs which can deliver the same kind of light that these bulbs provide but at the same time do not get heated up or blast due to long hours of use. These reasons call for you to replace halogen light with another alternative lighting.

Halogen lights advantages and disadvantages

These lights are widely used because they are pleasant to the eyes in interior spaces like in a library where the lights will pleasantly brighten the room and give the right amount of light that is nice for reading. They are also used in art exhibitions to decorate a piece of artwork or painting. Halogen lights produce a yellowish-white light which is widely used in cars, these lights quickly light up the road and does not cause a problem to other drivers on the road. These lights are not expensive and can be replaced easily when it is damaged.

There is one significant disadvantage using this kind of light, they heat up a lot and can cause damage to other accessories present nearby. These light bulbs can heat up and might even burst to cause a safety problem and fires in certain situations.

Replacing halogen light bulbs with CFL lights

Another great option is to replace your halogen lights with a CFL light bulbs. CFL are better than your halogen lights because they will not get hot unlike your halogen lights and hence a safe. But CFL lights are not all that safe because they contain mercury which is poisonous. CFL light bulbs are energy efficient and do not get heated up like halogen lamps.

Replacing halogen light bulbs with LED lights

LED lights will consume less electricity than your halogen lamps. You can lower your total energy consumption of your home by replacing your halogen lights with LEDs. Light temperature is measured in Kelvin, the lower the number the warmer the light. Depending on your choice to have a warm or cold room you can choose a yellow or a white light respectively. The best way to find the right replacement is by taking the old bulb with you so the shopkeeper can help you to make a decision.

While replacing a halogen light with an LED light, you can choose to recycle the lights, but do not through your CFLs in the recycle bin since they contain mercury which is poisonous.

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